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For more than a quarter-century, Frank Iusi has been transforming light, shadow and colour into compelling images, capturing the essence of a person, time or feeling.

His journey into visual arts began as a child, when he would 'snap' images of the world with his mind's eye and transform them into emotionally laden, abstract interior canvasses.

With his first exposure to photography - a simple snapshot of himself on a pony – Frank realized that normal photographs failed to capture emotions, thoughts and the deeper realities of a subject as his mental images did.

On a family trip to Italy, however, he learned that his great-uncle was a true photographer – one whose images portrayed the inner lives of people.

"In those days it seemed normal to shoot a portrait in a studio with your subject staring right into the lens, but these images were different," Frank says. "The people my great-uncle photographed were going about their daily lives; a documentary and candid style of photography."

These early experiences set Frank on a unique path through photography, videography, commercial work, portraiture and, now, his emerging B & W fine art and photo impressionism.

"For me, a photographer becomes a true artist when one feels deeply passionate about what is seen through the lens," says Frank. "Connecting with that passion not only lifts the spirit of the image but it allows you to educate through that image."

Frank's objective is to do much more than simply capture and display a carbon copy of what he sees. Instead, he intends to invoke his images' natural subjective and emotive qualities.

New digital technologies are giving him different and unlimited tools to awaken the soul of an image. As part of the new wave of digital photographer/artists, Frank's creative vision is helping forge a new form of contemporary art.

"The digital tools that photographers now have at their disposal are insisting that we advance our medium," explains Frank, "Like any artist exploring a new medium, we are stepping into the unknown. We explore and we discover."

Finally, through experience, skill and technology, Frank can do in reality what his boyhood self did only in imagination – create images that capture truth.

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