ART STATEMENT - Frank Iusi Photography


Rite of Passage ser03

I have always felt at home with black and white photography. It speaks to me like no other medium.

In my early childhood I had a reoccurring dream. In this dream I’m struggling to see out of a large window, in a cellar-dark room. As my eyes creep above the windowsill, fear starts crawling up my spine. Before me, the cityscape crumbles. The dark sky above contorts and heaves with determination. Dead black and blinding white clouds race toward me. In the distance, overhead, the rolling sound of thunder.

The dream has left me with a powerful impression that to this day, has shaped my work, steering in the direction of black and white landscape photography.

I’m drawn to the long-exposure technique. This approach allows me to express the will of an image by invoking its inner truth, which serves as a stimulant for emotion. In my work I seek to create images so that I can deeply express something personal, for myself, and for others to enjoy.

Perhaps like opening a doorway into myself, I’m finding that my work is an ongoing dialogue of my desire, to bring peace, calm and love to our lives. Join me.

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