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29 2002 15a 1995 to april 15 2002. 22nd premier of ontario from june 26 350 year old sugar maple trees absolute absolute world abstract adirondack chair adirondack chairs agfa optima 125 set 6 image 24 agricultural agriculture air air plane airplane america angelhair02 architecture area art article artist asturias atlantic ocean background backwoods baddeck harbour baddeckharbour1 baddeckharbour2 bald eagle bank of montreal bark barn barrie base chakra beach meadows beach beautiful beauty bee bill davis birch birch trees bird bird feathers bird feeder bird house birds bishop desmond tutu black black and white black and white photography black art black eyed susan black white blackandwhite blackeyed susan bleeding heart blizzard bloom blue blue balloon flower blue boat blue chakra blue house blue rocks lunenburg nova scotia blue rocks nova scotia blue skies blue sky blur blush bmo field bmo tower boats bog botanical botany branch brian brian cathie mourre bride bridge bridge street bright bright light brochure brooklyn brother brow chakra brown brown eyed susan bud budding building buildings bull rush bush business butterfly bw cabot trail calm calming calmness camera canada canada life cape breton highlands national park cape breton island carduelis carl zeiss 50mm cathie cheer chickadee chimney chimneys christmas lights cibc tower citi city buildings day city buildings night city of toronto city of toronto buildings city of toronto skyline clasp climber climbing plant clinging clip closeup cloud cloud formation clouds cloudscape cn tower cn tower lights cn tower night cn tower toronto coastal coffin island cold color color image colorful colour colour color colourful colourful garden commit condominiums condos construction construction. cranes contrast conviction country cove cranes creeper crop cross crown chakra cut flower daisy flower dandelion field dandelions dark sky daughter deciduous decor decorative decorative art deer dense dense forest desmund dew di6064 digital art digital imaging digital painting digital photography donkey door doris mccarthy dorismccarthy double downey woodpecker downy woodpecker drama dramatic drop of snow melt dufferincaledon eagle eagle head earth ecological ecology economy ecosystem ecotourism elizabeth emissions enterprise canada environment environmental environmentalism epp 6005 europe evergreen exhaust extensive exterior exterior wall exteriors factories eyes factory faith farm farm landscape farmscape fast father fawn fdi0248 fdi0257 fdi0274 fdi0287 fdi0844 fdi1012 fdi1799 fdi1805 fdi2642 fdi2691 fdi2711 fdi2720 fdi2735 fdi2812 fdi2898 fdi2901 fdi2947 fdi2956 fdi2965 fdi2995 fdi3076 fdi3078 fdi3250 fdi3263 fdi3267 fdi3280 fdi3290 fdi3320 fdi3325 fdi3335 fdi3345 fdi3548 fdi3635 fdi3648 fdi3771 fdi3898 fdi3984 fdi4005 fdi4041 fdi4056 fdi4059 fdi4179 fdi4194 fdi4200 fdi4614 fdi5164 fdi5257 fdi5261 fdi5331 fdi5333 fdi5670 fdi5951 fdi5958 fdi6051 fdi6254 fdi6258 fdi6262 fdi6308 fdi6328 fdi6331 fdi6414 fdi6427 fdi6447 fdi6453 fdi6454 fdi6462 fdi6471 fdi6494 fdi6506 fdi6530 fdi6910 fdi6924 fdi6942 fdi6982 fdi7710 fdi7718 feather feminine fence fern field fifth chakra fine fine art fineart first chakra first lake o'law first responders day at queen's park fishing fishing port flake flight flora floral florist flower fog foilage foliage fools paradise forest former premier of ontario fourth chakra fp fragrance fragrant frank frank iusi frank iusi portfolio image frank klees mpp frank20iusi20portfolio20image2c free freedom frozen fume fumes garden gardening gases gateway bridge gaurdiansbw geography geranium flower giclée fine art prints golden sunrise goldenpebblestream goldfinch goldfinches gordon kaiser grain grainy grand opening grand staircase grass green green chakra green house grey house groundbreaking grung grunge habitat hamilton hand harbour harmony harris harvest hasselblad 500cm hasselblad 500cm camera. carl zeiss 50mm f4 wideangle lens. kodak ektachrome 100 plus professional epp 6005 healer heart chakra herbaceous hibiscus hills holy redeemer anglican church home home decor homes horizontal horse horses horticulture hotel house finch humber bay arch bridge humber river humber river arch bridge humber river pedestrian bridge hunt's point hunting huronbruce hybrid hydro rally at queen's park ice ice on branch icicle icicles impressionism in the finch family indigo chakra industrial industry ingonish ingonish beach insect inspiration inspire inspiring interior decor interior design isolated iusi jasmin jim wilson mpp interim leader ontario pc party john tory kingston kingston ontario kitchenerconestoga knife knowing kodak 3200 iso kodak ektachrome 100 plus professional kodak trix pan kortright conservation kpmg tower lake lake ontario lake reflections lakeo'lawmorningmist2 lakeo'lawmorningmist3 lakeo'lawmorningmist6 lamptonkentmiddlesex land landsape landscape larry grossman leaf legislative assembly of ontario legoland discovery centre light light house light poll light post lighthouse lighthouse2bw lighthouse3 lighthouse4 lilac lisa lisa thompson mpp liverpool nova scotia lonely long exposure photography longexposurephotograhy love luarca lunardelight2 macro magazine man margaree marilyn monroe towers mary ann falls maryannfalls3bw marycaputi may 19 2013 media avail media event media studio queen's park meditate meditating meditation meditative mersey river metal fine art prints michael harris mpp mike mike harris mike harris premier of ontario mill mill cove milton milton nova scotia minimalism miss mississauga mist monochrome monte mcnaughton mpp moon morningmist2 morningmist3sepia moss mountains mourre mpp multicoloured multicolored multiple exposure nat national club natural nature nature preserve naturel nicole and adam's wedding reception night photos night sky no people nobody norm miller mpp north north america northatlantic nova scotia object ocean odyssey old milton bridge old swing ontario orange orange chakra orange poppy organic ornithologyy outdoor outdoors oxygen pan panorama panoramic park bench parry sound parry soundmuskoka passerine pattern patterns pc caucus group photo pc leader tim hudak pcc2681 pcc4428 peace peaceful peacefulness pebbles peggy's cove peggys cove peggys point lighthouse peony peony flowers people perch perched perennial perfume petal peter varley photography pilot pilot whale pine pine trees pink plant plantation plants platycodon grandiflorus playground plumage poise polluting pollution pond poppy port port medway port medway park portrait portrait mike harris portugal precipice premier premises preserve press conference press preview prince edwardhastings print on metal purple flower purple hydrangea quaint queen queen's county nova scotia queen's park toronto queens county queens county nova scotia queens nova scotia race track raindrops rangeland rattray marsh rbc tower rec red red chakra red flower red head and breast red rose reflection relax release residence residential residential condominiums river rock rocks rod jackson mpp rogers centre rollingthunder romance romantic roof rootout rop rosa rose royal york hotel rural scene ryaniusi1990 sacral chakra sail boat sail boats sailboat sailboats sailboats1 saint james anglican church sand sandy sandy and frank sandy beach sanguine scenery scenic scent scotia bank tower sea seacliff seagulls seal island bridge seaweed second second chakra seed sepia sept2013 ser01 ser02 ser03 ser04 ser06 serene serenity seventh chakra ships shots shoulder side sight simcoe hall simple simplicity sister sixth chakra skies sky skyscaper smell smog smoke smoke stack smoke stacks smokes smokestacks smoking snow snow flakes snow melting snow off eves soaring soft soft focus solar plexus chakra solar plexus tranquil solitude songbird south shore spain speed sports car st andrews anglican church st. john anglican church stable stacks steam steele steve clark mpp still life stone stone house storm skies stream street light study5 subjective sudbury bribery scandal summer sun sun beam sunflower sunshine sweeping swing swung sylvia jones mpp td tower tea tear terraces texture textures the cabot trail thick third chakra third eye chakra thompson throat chakra timber tint tires todd smith mpp toronto buildings toronto city night toronto ice storm toronto island airport toronto skyline toronto star building torontolife tour tourism towers town trailshack1 tranquil tranquility travel tree tree trunk trees tri trinity anglican church tropical tutu twenty nine twin tower skyscraper twin towers mississauga typical brick building universe university of toronto up urban valentines valentines day vapor vapour vase vaughan mills mall vegetation veil victoria victoria county victoria lake victoria subd. video video art vine vine on building vines violet violet chakra walled water water drop waterfall weather weather vane western head western head nova scotia westin hotel wet land whale1 whale2 white wide wilderness wildlife willow tree wind wind mill windmill window windows wings winter women in black veil wonder wood woodlands world yellow yellow chakra yellow flower yellow lilly youth
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